About The Spur Ranch

Stacey & Jeff acquired the ranch in a state of terrible disrepair, and since 2013, have tirelessly restored it with a vision of creating a haven of sustainable creativity. Part art laboratory and part intentional community, the Spur Ranch is alternately a Chataqua, arts think-tank, private nature preserve and retreat.

Beyond the hacienda and the workshop, past the windmill and the water-tank, you can walk up to the old cowboy campsite or explore more than 50 miles of pristine hiking and equestrian trails on the adjoining the Galesteo Basin Preserve. Many of us just find a quiet spot to sit and watch the weather. Happiness doesn’t always have to be a chore.

Image: Yes, that’s a redtail hawk winging overhead. Three hundred acres of The Spur Ranch are conservation easement, protecting regional vegetation, wildlife and watershed. The other 91 acres are a great art experiment; spurring new ways of making, perceiving and living.