The Ranch House

Invitation to the main hacienda could mean a summer BBQ in the courtyard with children splashing in the Spanish fountain and heritage roses boasting every color. It could be a winter swim party—a large indoor pool with girls in bikinis, a blazing fireplace while the snow outside drifts lazily down. Family dinner on Tuesdays assembles a clan of family and close friends for long evenings of eating, debating, conspiring, music and hilarity.

Everyone at the ranch is invited to open garden hours—working in our expansive garden and enjoying the organic bounty of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, carrots, eggplant, squash, melon and more. You can even harvest eggs from some of the happiest chickens in the Rocky Mountains. Want some veggies for your dinner? Everything we grow is also available by the pound and we have a do-it-yourself, honor system scales right by the door.