The Spur Ranch, claimed by pirates. Wide + wild vistas. Windmills, corrals and trails. Sunrises like this. Sweet sunsets nightly. Twilights too. Meadows, wildflowers and tumbleweeds. Celebrity owned and operated. Historical location with a story. Beware of rock stars... Hillbilly high fashion... ...and ass petting.

The Spur Ranch is both rough and refined—somewhere between a 4-star lodge and a
trailside bedroll. Imagine Georgia O’Keefe and Joey Ramone had a love child who built
a rustic sanctuary for high-desert nature and fine art. The Spur Ranch is a 391 acre
estate sandwiched between the Eldorado Subdivision and the breathtaking Galisteo
Basin Preserve. The location is a perfect trifecta of wide-open wilderness, nearby
conveniences and an easy 15 minute commute to Santa Fe.

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