Cowboy Campsite

The Spur Ranch is large. 90% of it is protected natural habitat where commercial development is restricted. If you want to enjoy these parts of the property, you have to hike or you have to camp. A half mile southwest of the Ranch House, the Cowboy Campsite is nestled on a tree covered hill with 360° views.

Most places on the ranch feel connected to the great outdoors, but the campsite takes it to the next level, one extra step removed from civilization. Situated on the northern rim of the the Galisteo Basin Preserve, the campsite is directly attached to more than 13,000 acres of protected land and public trails.

On warm summer nights, we might load up the donkeys to carry tents, bedding, instruments and food for a night under the stars. If you are interested in spending a night on the knoll, just let us know. We have a variety of options for you to consider, from a fully catered experience to simple permission to drop your bedroll for the night. There’s many sweet spots on the ranch, keep this one in mind.